Guarantee your Woman a Powerful Orgasm

Men, how would you rate yourself in the bedroom? Are you a 10 or some other, lesser score? If you have the habit of giving your woman your full attention, it won’t be hard to figure out your “rating.”

It is reported, through online polls and surveys, that only ¼ of all women are able to climax as a result of simple intercourse (mostly using the in-and-out method). This leaves ¾ of all women lacking or going without. Don’t let your woman be one of those women.

So how can you judge how excited your woman is getting? By paying close attention to her actions, that’s how! Make yourself a mental note to focus solely on your woman the next time you make love to her. Forget about yourself this time and concentrate on making sure she experiences a powerful climax.

Tips to make your woman climax

1) Set the stage – Make sure the room you plan on using is set up romantically, with lots of flowers (rose petals, anyone?), harmonious smells, fluffy pillows, cold drinks, and maybe a little chocolate. Women love these things and if we can make them happier, let’s do it. Oh, don’t forget soft music and candles!

female-orgasm2) Introduce light foreplay – After a drink or two, all the while listening to the music, start a little romantic foreplay. You can lead into this at the end of a slow dance (with a lingering kiss). Run your hands over her body, making sure your fingers brush the clothing near her clitoris. Pay attention to her face as you do this. She will likely show you that she likes this. Continue moves like this but make them bolder and probing. The point of all this is to stimulate her clitoris enough to get her hot & eager to make love. Don’t do it yet, though! Keep the foreplay going awhile, paying close attention to which actions make her the hottest. Be careful not to stimulate the clitoris too much because you don’t want to make it sore. Using your mouth to stimulate will make the area wet, which will protect it from becoming too sore. By now, you should be well on your way (or she should be, anyway, which was our plan).

3) The Storm – Judging by your woman’s body movements, jump in and initiate intercourse when you feel the time is right. When she’s close to climaxing, you can make your move but don’t do it too fast or the moment could become lost. It is a wonderful feeling when both of you reach a climax together. This type of “togetherness” and union works very well to create a secure bond between you two. It may be a little more trouble to set the stage for a night of romantic love-making like this but the results you will keep getting will be worth it.

The main point of these tips (and this article) is to point out to you that, if you value your partner, you need to pay attention to her needs. Sometimes relationships get boring because we do the same things time after time. Over time, friction can set in and trouble often follows. If you can learn now to fully satisfy your woman, it will probably pay off in a big way because if she’s happy, then you probably will be, too. Just think of this as an investment for the future. Another thing, try to keep love-making exciting because it’s more important to the success of a relationship than you may think.

Check your relationship

Many of you men may feel that you already have this kind of close relationship with your woman and maybe you do. If I were you, however, I would check it because the majority of all women claim that they “fake” orgasm quite frequently so their men won’t know they didn’t cum. This is concerning to me because if I’m not satisfying my woman, how do I know that some other man won’t come along and do it for me? I would rather check it now and be safe.

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