The Importance of Libido to a Good Relations

Out of all the things that can make or break a relationship, libido is extremely important. Just exactly what is libido? It is, quite simply, the measure of your sex drive. Some may be high while others are low. A few of them even fluctuate back & forth.

  • Have you ever had a relationship start up with someone merely over the sexual chemistry between you two?

Most of us have at least one experience like that in our past.

  • Can you remember how long the relationship lasted?

Chances are, it didn’t last very long if all you had in common was passionate lovemaking. Once you satisfied the itch, everything sizzled out, right?

low-libidoNow think back to the last relationship you had that was based on common interests, mutual respect, sexual attraction, and similarities of life experiences. Relationships based on all of these characteristics are usually stable and long-lasting.

Wait a minute!

What if, after a few years of being with this person, the sexual attraction grows dim (on either side)?

It is actually common for people to undergo a slight drop in libido after being together for many years. The trick is to discover if something concrete is causing the drop and, if so, to fix it. Men almost always think their penises are to blame but that is not true.

Libido is very important to a successful relationship so if it drops noticeably, then it’s time to take action. For purposes of this article, we are going to assume that you (the man) are the one experiencing the change. Keep in mind that many factors, such as age, hormones, & medical conditions, can cause the libido to drop or fluctuate.

What common factors can cause your Libido to drop?

1) A troubled relationship almost always causes problems in the bedroom.

If you & your wife (or girlfriend) are having marital issues that are also showing up between the sheets, that’s a clear indicator that you need to work on your relationship. Most often, the trouble is not a lack of physical attraction but a lack of emotional bonding and tenderness between the two of you.

Find some kid-free time where you and your partner can sit down and talk. The sex will get better as the relationship is repaired. Once you get it back to normal, keep it that way by changing things up from time to time to make it interesting & fun!

2) Unhealthy Living takes down many of us, especially once we get older.

Too many years of smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol to excess (or using illegal drugs), and eating unhealthy, high-fat foods will cause our libido to drop so low we will think it’s gone for good. If this sounds like you, then get your butt to the gym fast!

This is a problem that’s fixable but you will have to give up a few things! Lay down the tobacco, cut down on the alcohol, cut out the drugs, and start eating healthy foods. You will be amazed how different you feel after a few short weeks.

sex-passion3) Low Levels of Testosterone frequently causes libido problems in men, especially older men (over the age of 50).

There are pills formulated to increase your testosterone levels back to normal but they don’t always increase your libido like they should.

You can generally counteract this by taking supplements of nitric oxide (all-natural) along with the testosterone pills. It is important to keep levels of nitric oxide high because it helps keep your erections hard while also increasing your fertility and your desire for sex. This is particularly important as you grow older.