Men can experience Multiple Orgasms

Let me guess…you thought that women were the only ones who could have multiple orgasms, right? If you have ever been with a woman who was having one, you probably know that they are amazing and they seem to last forever!

Multiple orgasms are not off-limits to men but you have to put in the work and train yourself to have “internal” orgasms. Where they seem to come natural to women, they are more difficult for men.

Advantages of mastering Multiple Orgasms

The most obvious advantage to you, as a man, is that you will experience glorious, long-lasting orgasms that seem to go on forever. Those are pretty special and make love-making much more satisfying.

Another advantage is that your woman will be much happier. Once you learn the art of multiple orgasms, you will find that you last longer and have more control over the ejaculation process. You know how women are…they need a long period of time to cum…so you can pleasure her in the way she deserves for a longer period of time.

Train yourself to have Multiple Orgasms

anatomyYou will use your PC muscle to control ejaculation.

It is the same muscle used to control your flow of urine. You can locate the muscle by urinating a little and then stopping it. The muscle you squeeze to stop it is the PC muscle. You use the same concept when you stop ejaculation from coming too soon (in preparation for multiple orgasms).

In order for the muscle to become stronger and easier for you to control, you must practice some each day. You can begin by starting & then stopping your flow of urination but you also need to practice controlling the ejaculation process. You can do this during masturbation or during your regular love-making sessions.

Try to narrow down exactly what happens each time right before you cum. For some men, it’s the frantic pace of the sex act as it nears completion but for others it can be increased pressure from near-forceful thrusting. If you can figure out what one thing happens prior to climaxing, you will have it made. When you feel that coming, you must squeeze your PC muscle to keep it at bay. Don’t worry, you might not get it right the first few times but you will learn.

What you will eventually experience is an internal orgasm that is not accompanied by ejaculation. You can have several such orgasms before giving in to the pressure to ejaculate. Once you do ejaculate, I’m sure you will consider that event the single best sexual experience of your life! Keep practicing and you will learn the art of having multiple orgasms in no time.