Perform the Combination Method to Permanently Enlarge your Penis

How many times have you researched permanent penis enlargement on the Internet? 5 times? 10? Have you seen all the fancy ads that promise you a huge penis after taking just a pill or two?

After you calmed down and found your common sense, I’m sure you realized that, if you want permanent enlargement, it’s going to take more than pills.

bigger-penisPenis pills were not designed to offer permanent enlargement results. Instead, they contribute to the strength, hardness, and size of your erection during the love-making process. Once the sex is over, your penis will return to normal.

Permanent Enlargement

So you still want to know how to permanently enlarge your dick, right? Well, there are only two methods I know that will cause permanent penis enlargement. One is penis surgery and the other is a combination method that utilizes both stretching exercises and supplements. Let me tell you a little about each method.

1) Surgery is something you may have thought about but the truth is that it’s the last method I would recommend. Did you realize that 75% of all men having penis surgery regret it afterward? They claim to have more sexual problems after surgery than they did before. The maximum size increase is usually around 1 inch so it’s really not worth the expense, your time, or your health. Most surgeons don’t even recommend penis surgery.

2) The Combination Enlargement Method is a penis enlargement technique that is fast, effective, and guaranteed. It involves using a high-quality male enhancement product along with stretching exercises or a stretching device to promote permanent growth.

The pills you select should be high quality and clinically guaranteed to work. Some of the effective ingredients to look for are Ginkgo Biloba, Bioperine, Terrestris, Tribulus, and Damiana. best-pillsEach one of these ingredients will help your body to absorb & make the best use of all other ingredients.

Pills are important to the Combination Enlargement Method because, in conjunction with Stretching Exercises, they work to bring you the largest & fastest increase possible. In addition, they provide intensified orgasms, elevated stamina, electrified erections, and greatly improved sexual performance.

Stretching Exercises/Programs – You can search online to find your own penis stretching exercises or join an online penis exercise program (such as PenisHealth). A program such as this will help you immensely because it will provide the exercises you need to enlarge your dick, as well as sex tips. etc. For those of you who want to search on their own, look for Jelqing Techniques and Kegel Exercises. Both types will improve blood flow into the penis, enhance stamina, and improve your entire sexual experience.

Extender Devices (also called Stretchers) – This is your best bet (to be used in place of stretching exercises).This device is a tried-and-proven method of permanent penis enlargement. Instead of leaving everything to chance, you should buy one of these along with your quality penis pills. The tiny device (which fits in your hand) works by traction and, over a period of time, will transform your penis by improving blood flow and promoting new tissue growth.

When contemplating penis extender purchases, always choose quality over price. The extender should be made to last at least as long as the enlargement program you are working.

My Best Advice to You

My very best advice to you is that you should purchase a high-quality extender device and a proven male enhancement supplement. Read all instructions that come with the products so you will understand exactly how to use them. Use them as directed for 4 full months. Chances are, you will see results sufficient enough to make you keep working.

Did you know that most men give up long before they give the program a chance to work? Don’t be one of those men. Stay with your course and don’t give up! Change is coming your way.