Proven Penis Pills that Works

Are you tired of searching the web for an effective penis enhancement product? No doubt, the Internet is full of them but trying to find a good, safe product to buy can prove difficult. Let me tell you what I did.

Being a science/health teacher, I’m already familiar with many of the ingredients used in all-natural health products. That put me one step ahead of the game once I started my search for the best penis pill. The ingredients I didn’t recognize, I looked up. I also made a chart listing each product I tried, along with their good and bad effects. I determined that I would stick with this plan until I ran out of products or found one that delivered amazing results.

I must admit, I had all of the same concerns that you have when I started. I was worried most about safety because I know that some of the products sold on the web are full of chemicals and ingredients that are bad for you. I ruled out any product that had unsafe, unnatural ingredients so you can feel confident that the ones on my list are safe.

A second concern I had was that the products come in pills, gels, creams, and other forms. I decided to stick mostly with pills because they had the best reviews. I was still skeptical of the wild claims made by some products (such as causing increases in penis size or maximizing ejaculation fluid) but, at this point, I decided I would see for myself.

Listed below is the surprisingly short list of products I tried. I was fortunate because I found my “miracle” product shortly after starting the search.


1) Vigrx Plus was the very first product I ordered. It stood out to me due to the vast marketing and ad campaigns developed for it. You have probably run across it yourself or seen its ads on TV.

It is, by far, one of the most popular and best-selling pills for penis enhancement. What I found was that, although the product did work to bring about some changes, it did not come close to fulfilling all of its original claims.


2) Sinrex 2-in-1 was second in my list of products to try. It requires that you take 2 pills each day (1 red and 1 blue). This product also included a series of exercises devised to improve your sex life. It did come with a money-back guarantee (180 days) and I was glad to have it because the product did not work for me at all. The exercises were more like instructions on how to masturbate and they did not interest me. I did, however, follow the entire program for 2 full weeks before giving up.


(3) Prosolution Gel was my third product to use. I did venture outside of pills to use a gel. I merely wanted to see if the act of putting something on my penis might be more effective than taking a pill. The gel was developed to make your erections harder and to make you last longer in bed. I used it several times without noticing any significant difference at all. One thing I did learn is that I would not want to have to rub something into my penis before sex for very long. It was frustrating.


4) Male Extra was my fourth and final product. Although it required that I take 3 pills per day (a fact I didn’t like), I decided to try it since the pills contained only natural ingredients.

Much to my surprise, I noticed significant changes within 1 week!

No, my penis did not grow larger BUT I was able to become erect much quicker and what’s more, I could hold onto the erection much longer than usual. I also discovered that I could recover from sex much faster and could even perform 3 times a night. This was, perhaps, the biggest shock of all! Oh, and another thing, I’ve noticed that the amount of semen I ejaculate has greatly increased and it cums out so forcefully now! I love that.

Male Extra really worked for me by increasing my libido and giving me the power & energy necessary to make love longer, harder, and much more often than normal. Maybe it didn’t enlarge my penis permanently but the things it did impact have far more importance when it comes to satisfying my wife!

At this point, I’ve decided to stop my search for a proven penis enhancement product because I’ve found the pill for me! Try it for yourself and if you don’t see the same results, then start your own search (just like I did). Believe me, it’s worth your money, time, and effort because the right product can definitely change your life.