Sinrex Review

Sinrex Review



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First of all, I’m very pleased to write this Sinrex review, since this was the first male enhancement supplement I tried in the hopes of finally improving my sex life.

sinrexWhy Did I Start with Sinrex?

  • They’re one of the cheapest penis pills on the market, even though they’re manufactured by a big player in male enhancement industry that has been offering high quality health products for more than 10 years. Their products are really good and they are unique in the industry in that they off a 180 (6-month) money-back guarantee.
  • This is a SAFE product. (I’ll talk more about this later when we discuss the ingredients, though.)
  • Sinrex has a unique 2-in-1 formula that works both on improving erection hardness and stimulating your body to produce more semen.

When I first started looking for erection pills, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to find something good. My first approach was to go with big online stores like Amazon or the major drug stores, but soon I realized that was not the right approach to find what I was looking for—in other words, I had a hard time finding penis pills that worked, but that had no side effects.

In most cases, manufacturers and big sellers focus on the features and benefits and say nothing about ingredients and possible side effects they might have on your body in the long run. So I started to read the labels carefully before putting a single pill into my mouth.

Sinrex Pros, Cons, and Ingredients:


One of things that makes Sinrex stand above similar products is that it not only improves your erections and sexual performance, but it helps your body produce more semen so that you can have better sex more often. When you ejaculate more semen, both you and your girl will experience stronger orgasms. All girls I have talked to prefer massive ejaculations as opposite to rain drops.


  • It contains creatine, green tea extract and omega-3 fatty acids, which are all good for your overall health, physical appearance, and muscles mass.
  • There are herbs that stimulate your penis growth, improve your erections and increase your sexual performance and stamina.
  • It increases sexual desire, male libido, and leads to stronger, long-lasting erections.
  • Maca increases virility and sperm volume so both you and your partner enjoy stronger orgasms thanks to your increased masculinity


  • I don’t like the fact that Sinrex hides the exact amount of ingredients used behind the “proprietary blend” term.
  • You can absorb too much copper with Sinrex, since each pill contains 50% of your recommended daily value of copper, and you’re supposed to take 2 tablets a day. Your body needs copper to promote iron absorption and to help the immune and nervous systems function properly, but too much copper—as with any vitamin or mineral—can lead to unwanted effects. So if you have well water, use copper cookware, or get your potable water through copper pipes, it might be a better idea to use VigRX Plus instead of Sinrex.
  • Sinrex can be dangerous for diabetics and can interfere with the proper function of other medications
  • If you take other drugs or dietary supplements, you have to ask your doctor before taking Sinrex.

My Results with Sinrex

When I took my first pill, I felt nothing. I was curious about what the difference would be when I had sex, but I was too nervous to test it out with another person, so I masturbated instead. I’m not sure if it was because of Sinrex, but my erection was rock hard and I finished really quickly. Truth be told, I was not particularly impressed by the results.

I persisted, though. I continued to take the pills as directed, one red pill and one blue pill per day.

A week later, I gave masturbation another try. My erection was rock hard again and this time I lasted as long as usual, but the volume of sperm I ejaculated was bigger. The real difference came later, when I felt that I could go again immediately. For the first time in my life, I wanted more sex just after I had ejaculated—so I masturbated again, and was pleased with the results. At that moment, I realized the power of male enhancement.

sinrex-resultsI can’t forget the day I had sex with Jenny.

It was the best sex I had ever had in my life.

We did it two times in a row and my mind was blown by the pleasure. I was proud of how long I lasted, and I was able to give Jenny a powerful vaginal orgasm, which would have been much harder before.

I took Sinrex for three months and I didn’t notice any side effects besides the fact that I wanted to have more and more sex. I was about to re-order and continue to take Sinrex, but instead I decided to try something new, so I switched to VigRX Plus.

Now I know for sure that both Sinrex and VigRX Plus are great products.

If this is your first try with penis pills, I would suggest you start with Sinrex, since it is cheaper and works two-fold by improving your erections and increasing the volume of your semen, so that you can have better sex more often. All ingredients are safe to take—just be careful with your copper levels—and the creatine, green tea and omega-3 fatty acids are all good for your well-being. I suggest you do some exercise as well, since this will improve your stamina and you will be able to perform better in bed, for sure.

How to Order Sinrex

I paid $79.90 plus shipping for 3 boxes of Sinrex (using the buy 2, get 1 free offer) and took 2 pills a day, as recommended, for three months. You can pay by credit card or with PayPal.

I personally always prefer to pay with PayPal as this way the ordering process is more secure. PayPal is known for its unbeatable customer protection. The other benefit of using PayPal is that the seller doesn’t have access to your credit card information directly and they can’t re-bill you later without your consent. Also, if a merchant uses PayPal for business, this is a pretty good sign that they are legit, since PayPal is pretty strict with sellers.

The best place to order Sinrex is on the official website at

The 3-month pack costs 79.90 plus shipping.

Click Here to Order Sinrex

You can enter a discount code at the checkout, but I don’t have one to provide for you. The best place to ask for a discount is the Sinrex customer support live chat. You can also call them at 1-866-851-8858. They’ll answer any questions that you may have that I didn’t cover in this Sinrex review. If you don’t want to talk to anybody, you can also visit the official FAQ section at