Who Am I?

I am Greg, a pretty average guy in terms of looks and I like to think that I have a good personality and sense of humor, so why is it that I’ve had so many issues with relationships? It’s not because I can’t have a good conversation with women, in fact I can keep a chat going for hours if I’m in the mood.

The big problem for me has been a certain insecurity.

I have no trouble breaking the ice or even scoring dates with women, it’s when things progress that my insecurities arise.

Ever since I can remember I haven’t been exactly happy with my penis size. I think it started when I was in high school. Being a normal teenager full of hormones and urges, I viewed my share of porn. When I started to see what other guys were packing, I started to become more and more self-conscious.

This really affected my love life.

I was afraid to take my relationships further and I lost a lot of girlfriends this way. Whenever I started to get serious with a girl I would make up some sad excuse as to why things weren’t working out, when in reality I was too afraid that she would be disappointed.

Because of this I spent a lot of time alone and feeling hopeless.

I got sick of hiding behind my wall of self-doubt and started to research ways to increase my size. Many hours and hundreds of dollars later, I finally sifted through the endless sea of male enhancement products and found one that worked for me. I could literally feel a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I finally came out of my shell and started pursuing girls again. In my mind I wasn’t a new person, I was who I should have been from the beginning.

in-loveAfter wasting so long being suppressed by my insecurities, I was finally able to go out and snag my dream girl.

I have been in a serious relationship for the past three years, and I love every minute of it.

I’m finally able to be happy with my penis size which allows me to be myself around my girlfriend. My confidence has gone through the roof and I’m an all-around much happier person now.

I finally feel as though I’ve been freed from a cage that my insecurities built.